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Cricket Live Betting

Cricket Live Betting

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cricket live betting and cricket results, updated in real time. Find live cricket betting odds and learn how to bet on cricket in-play.

Cricket live betting are visible on our home page, cricket overview page and of course on the actual match page. All the runs, balls per over, current over and those remaining and outs are visible live as they happen on the pitch. The cricket leagues and matches showcased range from national championships, to international tournaments and friendly games. As well as formats as such:

  • Test Cricket – 4/5 day
  • T20
  • One Hundred
  • One Day

We further divide cricket fixtures on their popularity and the time play is due to start. Furthermore, we divide International Cricket tournaments according to age, regions and periodic tournaments. The most popular periodic competition is the ICC World Cup. It has age bound tournaments, namely the Under 20s and senior championships.

For international fixtures, The Ashes Championship between England and Australia is an eye-catcher, with a century-old history to its backing. There is also Test Cricket, which is more for traditional cricket lovers. The biggest draws at the moment are T20 competitions throughout the world including

  • Big Bash League (BBL) – Australia
  • Indian Premier League (IPL) 
  • T20 Blast – England and Wales
  • Super Smash – New Zealand
  • Pakistan Super League (PSL)
  • Mzansi Super League (MSL) – South Africa

In essence, Oddspedia is a one-stop shop for all your cricket needs! You will never lack relevant information to place your cricket bets with an odds comparator more detailed than anything else available online. In addition, you can also see some forecasts for great appointments and specialised tipsters in this sport. We will give you all the necessary betting tips so that you understand cricket in the best way.

Use our calendar to quickly navigate through cricket live scores, fixtures and results. Add any of the competitions you follow to “My Matches” and you will receive instant push notifications whenever there is an update to your chosen games.

Live Streams – Do Not Miss that Big Six!

You can also find links to Cricket Live streams and watch the games live at bookmakers online. Watching Live Cricket streams is particularly popular for the shorter formats of the game, One day and T20. To put this into perspective, the IPL attracts over 3 million TV viewers alone

Watching live streams gives you the best insight into your live bets and for you to take advantage of betting features such as cash-out. As the action is unfolding in front of your own eyes with no delay.

Live Streams – Do Not Miss that Big Six!

Betting on Cricket is sophisticated, owing to the nature of the game. But fear not – understanding it has been made simpler with the introduction of Oddspedia. Just like the other sports, we offer wall to wall coverage of Cricket. Discover the best available odds for today’s cricket games, no matter what the format, via our cricket odds tab.

Cricket Odds Comparison

Cricket Odds are predetermined by the  International Cricket Council (ICC) team ranking and the recent form of the team/country. At Oddspedia, we offer Value Bets; a system that helps a player run a mathematical swipe across all the popular bookmakers to ascertain the most profitable bet. It compares market odds and average odds to form a unique figure, ideal as an objective odd. The odds are statistically improved, carefully factoring market occurrences for long term probable benefits.

England is a significant country for Cricket, with tournaments like County Championship OneCounty Championship Two, and One Day Cup on the cards. The games and odds are available worldwide, which increases the coverage, and odds spread to cover the most popular markets. 

The different markets shown on the games have different odds values based on the comparison. A smart bettor always considers markets more than the odds provided. The smaller the odds difference, the higher the odds, and the greater the probability of winning.

Which Types of Cricket Bets Are Available?

Markets are betting scenarios where odds are available for placing bets. They create different probabilities in which the game’s outcome can invoke participation. The most popular betting market is the 3-way bet (win-draw-loss). It is the most simple, straightforward, and most of the time has lower odds, especially on teams that have a high probability of winning. Over/under bets and handicap bets are also popular among players.

Markets that require analysis have higher odds due to the lower win chance. If a bettor is successful, the earnings are huge. They include a season-long bet which is spread over time and tied betting; a summation of all markets into one bet.

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